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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all products, services, and jobs on the
Souq Haraj ( Multi-Vendor and multi-faceted
Souq Haraj is a multi-faceted online marketplace for multipurpose
Traders sell their products through the Souq Haraj website. Service
providers provide their own services.
The company advertises hiring for their company. Souq Haraj j serves
as the media.
Souq Haraj sees the importance of security and privacy policies for all
respected users and visitors alike. For this reason, Souq Haraj shares his
privacy policy with his customers. And is committed to protecting all
shared customer privacy.
By this privacy policy, it is being interpreted that Souq Haraj can directly
or indirectly identify a user’s personal information.
The purpose of the policy is to define the user who has already sold the
product, served it, advertised it for recruitment, by registering on the
Souq Haraj website.
Who has already purchased any product, Or any service you receive, Or
applied for company-served advertising, Define that visitor as a visitor
to the Souq Haraj website.
The Souq Haraj website gives affiliates access. Protects all such
information as confidential. Apply and maintain all kinds of technical
It takes steps to protect personal information against unauthorized or
unlawful processes and uses.
And takes action for accidental loss, destruction, loss, theft.
The Souq Haraj website normally collects information from nonregistered individuals. the person who does not collect information is
not registered.
Visitors to the Souq Haraj website automatically collect the visitor’s
information through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
The user may collect information about the device, including the
visitor’s IP address, browser, region, some of the cookies installed on
the device.
This additional user information is automatically collected as a result of
viewing the webpage, viewing the product, entering through it, and
communicating with us.
Souq Haraj defines the data collected as device-information.
The following is a collection of information
Souq Haraj Website by WordPress Software Is managed.
There are cookies for the commenter and the registered login.
WordPress stores stored information on the computer. The actual
cookie hash data, no need to worry about name and password. The
result of a little mathematical formula when logging in is part of the
cookie details.
Souq Haraj uses Google Analytics Solutions as a versatile online
marketplace. The Internet uses first-party cookies to collect log data
and to collect user visitor patterns.
User information (including IP) received by cookies is transferred to
Google. Souq Haraj then uses it to evaluate users and compile reports
on website statistics.
Souq Haraj does not give the information collected to third parties.
Google Analytics does not link collected data to anywhere else.
Facebook Helps us to retarget website visitors Souq Haraj has a
Facebook pixel installed this track the movements of any visitors on the
website who are simultaneously logged into Facebook. This will record
which pages on Souq Haraj they visit, and when they visit. Using this
data, we can advertise to very targeted groups of people through
Facebook Ads.
To be clear, when advertising on Facebook, we can’t choose a specific
website visitor and advertise to them. Instead, we can advertise to
groups of users (custom audiences from Souq Haraj site) based on
shared behavior. A few examples include:
• People who have visited the website in the past 24 hours.
• People who have visited the website in the past 180 days but have
not been back in 30 days.
• People who have visited a specific page on the website.
• People who have visited a specific page on the website but not
another specific page.
for details
Subscriber information is provided to the subscriber for information on
new issues, new product notifications, new privacy weddings, etc. Only
people subscribed to one or more emails receive the information.
Customers, traders, visitors are added. The newsletter is managed by
MailChimp. Unsubscribe is added directly to the email. The newsletter
is available when you subscribe.
When purchasing a product, the purchase details are sent through
multiple emails so that the customer can easily understand everything.
Ad-to-cart information is sent to the e-mail by the viewer. Added email
to the checkout page but did not make a purchase but is deleted after a
certain time.
Cart via email stays for up to 2 months, either offer or purchase
All emails are sent from own server.
If you are not aware of age, ask the parents if the minimum age is 13.
Apply for a parent’s approved product purchase or sale. If not, refrain.
SOUQ HARAJ forbids any person to provide medical, religious beliefs,
political, criminal (background, criminal) criminal background, sexual
orientation, sexual content, sexually sensitive information or products.
Please refrain from providing this information.
Privacy Policy is updated from time to time. The authority has power.
Always review the updated privacy policy. You agree to the updated
policy. The new policy will be on this page. Any updates are provided
via email. It’s good to see the end date for the update.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of Europe is the latest
privacy regulation and policy that will be implemented in May 2018 all
over the world.
Besides, the law of this country will remain in force
Souq Haraj is taking the GDPR principles in the highest priority and thus
incorporating changes to become GDPR compliant.
If there are any inquiries, questions, comments, complaints about the
privacy policy, if Sukharaj seems to abide by the privacy policy, please
feel free contact us at
Souq Haraj of course, continues to try to resolve the internal complaint
in its entirety.