Souq Al Haraj | سوق الحراج

Terms of Service

SOUQ HARAj Terms & Condition

Introduction & Relevant

Souq Haraj is a Multi-Vendor, Services & Job Board website.

We always value the interests of all

Through which the seller can give his product,

the service provider can easily offer his services.

The customer can easily pick up the product or service at home.

Our online financial transactions are secure.

We basically build relationships with buyers, sellers and service providers.

Rules of use

The website can be used on all operating systems including mobiles, tabs, laptops, desktops and more devices.

To sell the Job, product & service provider must be enrolled in this website.

Product & Service

  • The price of the product is determined by the seller.
  • The service provider determines the quality of his service.
  • The seller accepts the responsibility of product quality, weight, shape, new or old, original or fake.

Job Board

  • Applicants apply for any job opportunity they wish.
  • The employer applies his terms and conditions to the assignment.
  • According to the terms and conditions of the employer’s assignment, the applicant applies for work.


The customer accepts products or services from this web site. Customers have the freedom to purchase goods or receive services.


  • Our online financial transactions are secure.
  • International law is compliant with online transactions.
  • Customers can pay by cash, check, debit card or credit card, PayPal for receiving goods or services.
  • Seller can receive cash, check, debit card or credit card through PayPal for providing product or service.

Product delivered, accepted

  • The website does not take any responsibility for delivering the product.
  • It is the seller or buyer who takes the responsibility of reaching the product destination. Local rentals are specified with the consent of both.
  • The website does not take responsibility for changes in product distortion, manufacturer, different size, quantity, measurement, quality, color, parity, quality, etc. while taking the product.

After-sales service

The website does not provide after-sales services for all products.